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At Wareham Animal Hospital, we’re proud to be your trusted Veterinarian Lakeville. Our team is dedicated to delivering superior care, combining expertise with compassion. Through advanced technology and tailored treatment plans, we prioritize the health and happiness of your pets.
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Veterinarian Lakeville 

Deciding on Wareham Animal Hospital: Your Veterinarian Lakeville Solution

Choosing Wareham Animal Hospital involves entrusting your beloved pets to a group of seasoned experts dedicated to their care. Our comprehensive methodology, state-of-the-art amenities, and compassionate attitude make us the preferred option for Veterinarian Lakeville pet owners. Here’s why you can rely on us:

Veterinary Mastery: Our Veterinarian Lakeville exhibit remarkable knowledge and experience across various veterinary fields.

Advanced Technological Solutions: We leverage cutting-edge diagnostic and treatment technologies to provide precise and effective care.

Personalized Healthcare Plans: We design individualized treatment approaches for every pet, focusing on their specific health concerns and requirements.

Veterinarian Lakeville: What We Provide

Offering an expansive suite of veterinary care options, Wareham Animal Hospital is devoted to the wellness and satisfaction of your four-legged family members.

Echocardiography Lakeville

Employing advanced echocardiography methods, we diagnose and manage heart conditions in pets with precision at Wareham Animal Hospital. Our expert team is dedicated to ensuring the well-being of your pet, making us a trusted Veterinarian Lakeville.

Abdominal Ultrasounds Lakeville

Abdominal ultrasounds are crucial for detecting various internal ailments. Using cutting-edge ultrasound technology, our practice conducts thorough and non-invasive abdominal examinations. This advanced diagnostic method allows for early issue detection, ensuring timely and efficient treatment. Depend on our Veterinarian Lakeville for top-tier pet care.

Thoracic Ultrasounds Lakeville

Precise assessment of chest cavity ailments, including heart and lung diseases, is achieved through thoracic ultrasounds. Wareham Animal Hospital employs the latest thoracic ultrasound techniques to provide accurate diagnostics and customized treatments. Trust our skilled Veterinarian Lakeville for compassionate and thorough care.

Surgery Lakeville

Encompassing various surgical procedures, our services range from standard spays and neuters to complex surgeries. Through the application of advanced techniques and equipment, we prioritize the safety and comfort of your pets, ensuring exceptional outcomes. Trust our Veterinarian Lakeville to deliver top-quality surgical care with a focus on safety and comfort.

Special Procedures Lakeville

Trust Wareham Animal Hospital for a wide range of specialized procedures aimed at promoting your pet’s well-being. From Emergency and Critical Care to Ultrasound-Guided Biopsies, our experienced team delivers compassionate care and personalized treatment in Veterinarian Lakeville.

Emergency Care Lakeville

Trust Wareham Animal Hospital to provide immediate and expert emergency care during crises. Our facility is equipped to manage a wide array of urgent situations, delivering prompt and effective treatment. Rely on our Veterinarian Lakeville to stand by you and your pet when it’s most critical.

Veterinarian Lakeville 

About Lakeville

Lakeville, located in Plymouth County, Massachusetts, is a charming town known for its beautiful lakes and scenic landscapes. The town is home to several natural attractions, including Long Pond, the largest natural lake in Massachusetts, and Assawompset Pond, which provides a significant portion of the water supply for the city of New Bedford. Lakeville is characterized by its tranquil environment, friendly community, and rich history, making it a delightful place for residents and visitors alike. The ZIP codes for Lakeville include 02347 and 02348.

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Things to Do

  • Ted Williams Camp: A public park offering sports fields, walking trails, and a museum dedicated to the baseball legend Ted Williams.
  • Assawompset Pond: A large and picturesque pond ideal for fishing, boating, and wildlife observation.
  • Long Pond: Perfect for a variety of recreational activities such as swimming, kayaking, and paddleboarding.
  • Lakeville Haunted House: A popular attraction during Halloween, offering spooky fun for all ages.
  • Nelson Memorial Park: A great spot for picnics, playground activities, and enjoying the outdoors.
Veterinarian Lakeville

How the Practice Serves the Community

Wareham Animal Hospital is deeply involved in the Lakeville community, participating in local events and supporting various community initiatives. We tailor our services to meet the unique needs of Lakeville residents, ensuring that every pet receives the best possible care. Our commitment to the community goes beyond medical services; we strive to enhance the overall well-being of both pets and their owners in Lakeville.

Veterinarian Lakeville 

Veterinarian Lakeville FAQ

What services does Wareham Animal Hospital have for pets?
Wareham Animal Hospital offers a wide range of services including echocardiography, abdominal ultrasounds, thoracic ultrasounds, surgery, special procedures, and emergency care.
You can schedule an appointment by either calling our office or using our online booking feature on our website. Our pleasant staff will help you find a suitable time for your visit.
Of course, we deliver emergency care services to make sure your pet is promptly attended to in critical moments. Our team is capable of handling numerous emergencies.
How do I get help for my pet in an after-hours medical situation?
For emergencies occurring after hours, please call our emergency hotline or visit the nearest emergency veterinary clinic. We will provide support and guidance to ensure your pet is promptly cared for.
Our veterinarians’ extensive training and experience in specialized procedures ensure that your pet receives the highest quality care.
We offer diverse payment choices, from credit cards to debit cards to CareCredit. Reach out to us to discover more about our flexible payment solutions.